Quick Answer: Why Did Triana Toy Boy Die?

Who killed Philip Norman toy boy?

With Hugo once again in prison for Philip’s murder, Triana continues investigating the case despite no longer trusting him.

Meanwhile, Macarena suspects that Álvaro Rojas’ father, Ángel, is the real culprit of Philip’s murder..

Is Jairo from toy boy really mute?

Jairo is mute and can not speak which I really enjoy them putting in a character like this. … He in my opinion did this show and his character justice.

Why can’t Jairo talk in toy boy?

He suffered sexual trauma that has left him withdrawn, sullen, and fearful. … Jairo is mute, so their growing attachment takes place largely through nonverbal cues, like an old silent movie, with Jairo’s inability to speak mirroring Andreas’s inability to overcome his trauma and tell his story.

What is toy boy on Netflix about?

Toy Boy is a new Spanish TV show on Netflix. It takes place in Marbella, Spain, and tells the story of Hugo Beltrán (Jesús Mosquera), a male stripper who served seven years in a Málaga prison. When he’s released while awaiting retrial, he embarks on a journey to prove that he was framed.

How many episodes are in toy boy?

13Toy Boy/Number of episodes

Is toy boy a good series?

Netflix’s Toy Boy, a Spanish Murder Mystery About Male Strippers, Is Exactly What We Need. After first airing in Spain last fall, Toy Boy was recently added to Netflix in February—and has already made it onto the list of Netflix’s Top 10 shows in many countries.

How many episodes of toy boy are on Netflix?

13Toy Boy (TV series)Toy BoyNo. of seasons1No. of episodes13ProductionProduction locationCosta del Sol13 more rows

What happened to Andrea boy?

Then, Triana confronts Zapata about not asking Andrea more details regarding who had been involved in the cover-up. Six weeks later, Triana hangs out with Hugo and his friends at Inferno. Suddenly, there is an explosion. Triana dies…

What is a toy boy?

British. : a young man who is having a romantic or sexual relationship with an older woman.

Is Toy Boy Cancelled?

Cancel/Renew Status: As of December 12th, 2020, Netflix has yet to cancel or renew Toy Boy for Season 2.

How many toy boy series are there?

1Toy Boy/Number of seasons

Do Triana and Hugo get together?

On Toy Boy, Hugo (Jesús Mosquera) and Triana (María Pedraza) do have some chemistry on screen. … Overall, very little evidence is left for viewers to convince themselves that Triana actually just happened to fall in love with Hugo against all odds.