Quick Answer: Where Can I Cash My Tax Refund Check Without A Bank Account?

Where can I cash my IRS check without a bank account?

Check Cashing Stores These check cashing service can be your best local option when your closest Walmart or grocery store doesn’t cash checks.

You will receive cash and these stores have a cashing limit of up to $5,000 per check.

Some locations may also deposit your funds onto a prepaid card..

How do I cash a US Treasury check without a bank account?

Try Your Bank If you don’t have an account, apply to open one. Even without an account, you may still be able to cash certain types of government checks at a local bank. Some checks, such as tax refund checks, are issued directly by the U.S. Treasury, and most banks will cash them even if you aren’t an account holder.

Does Walmart cash IRS refund checks?

Cash your payroll or government checks, including tax refund checks, at Walmart stores. $4 fee for cashing checks of up to $1,000; $8 fee for cashing checks over $1,000 and up to $5,000 (or $7,500 during tax refund season).

What happens if I don’t cash my tax refund check?

If your tax refund check hasn’t been cashed, the IRS will cancel it and issue you a replacement. If it has been cashed by another party, such as someone who forged your signature, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service sends you a claims package and starts a review.

Can I cash a 20000 dollar check?

Go to the issuing bank Generally, banks that issue large checks can also cash them. You can go there even if you are not a customer. In this case, the bank may not charge you anything for the process, or just a small fee.

Can I sign my stimulus check over to someone else to cash?

In such cases, you can endorse the check to the person, just as you would with any other check, so the individual can cash it. In the endorsement area behind the check, write “Pay to the order of” on the first line, followed by the individual’s name and your name as it appears on front of the check.