Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For See Through?

What means glimpse?

1 : a fleeting view or look caught only a glimpse of the mugger.

2 archaic : glimmer..

What is the opposite of clear water?

“The murky waters of the overused river have been tarnished by human interference.”…What is the opposite of clear?murkycloudyobscuredturbidcloudednontransparentnontranslucentfrostynubilousshady12 more rows

What do you call something that is see through?

other words for see-through shiny. transparent. clarion. crystal. crystal clear.

What is the synonym of transparent?

see-through, clear, translucent, pellucid, crystal clear, crystalline, limpid, glassy, glasslike, liquid. unclouded, uncloudy. rare transpicuous. ANTONYMS. opaque, cloudy.

What is another word for see?

SYNONYMS FOR see 1 observe, notice, distinguish, discern, behold, regard.

What does seeing through someone mean?

to understand the truth about someone or something and not allow yourself to be deceived: She saw through his excuse – he was trying to put the blame on someone else.

What is transparency in a person?

If “Someone is Transparent” it means that person cannot or does not hide or conceal anything. It means observers who want to know what this “Someone” is up to, the observers are free to observe. A person who is “Transparent” has no secrets and tells no lies.

What’s the opposite of see?

What is the opposite of see?disregardignoreoverlookunheedunmindmissforgetdisbelievelook awaybe oblivious to37 more rows

What is a better word for was?

Was Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for was?appearedbecamewastwuswuz4 more rows

What is the best synonym for transparent?

Synonyms & Antonyms of transparentclear,crystal,crystal clear,crystalline,limpid,liquid,lucent,pellucid,More items…

Can you give me a word for transparent which means almost the same?

‘Clear’ is another word for ‘transparent’.

What is another word for crystal clear?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for crystal clear, like: luculent, crystalline, manifest, lucid, transparent, apparent, clear-cut, observable, obvious, translucent and pellucid.

What’s the opposite of see through?

This is a modal window….What is the opposite of see-through?murkycloudynon-translucentnon-transparentobscuredturbid9 more rows

What does it mean if something is transparent?

Transparent is used to describe things that you can see through or things that allow for light to pass through clearly. A clear glass window is transparent in this way. … For example, a frosted glass window could be said to be translucent but not transparent (you can see what’s on the other side, but not clearly).

What does transparency mean?

What does transparency mean? Transparency is the quality or state of being transparent. It is perhaps most commonly used in a figurative way to refer to a state in which things are free from any attempt to hide something, as in The administration has been praised for its transparency with the press.

What is another word for not see through?

adjective. not transparent or translucent; impenetrable to light; not allowing light to pass through.

Is clear and transparent the same?

The difference between Clear and Transparent. When used as adjectives, clear means transparent in colour, whereas transparent means see-through, clear. Clear is also noun with the meaning: full extent. Clear is also adverb with the meaning: all the way.

What do you call something that is not transparent?

“Translucent” is the word for something that lets light through without being transparent. An opaque object, by definition, cannot let light through. –

What is a lack of transparency?

Noun. The state or quality of not allowing light to pass through. thickness. haziness. heaviness.