Quick Answer: What Does Utilizable Mean?

What does Comanage mean?

manage together: to manage (someone or something) with one or more other people He comanages the restaurant with his sister.

: to manage together If there’s one thing that’s harder than managing your own money it’s this: co-managing money with a romantic partner.— Susannah Snider..

What is another word for usable?

In this page you can discover 47 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for usable, like: useful, utilizable, functional, employable, available, at-hand, subservient, helpful, valuable, suitable and practicable.

What is another word for functionality?

Similar words for functionality: attribute (noun) range of capabilities (noun) utility (noun)

What’s another word for unofficial?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unofficial, like: unauthorized, unsanctioned, personal, casual, off-the-record, informal, private, contraband, officious, offstage and unorthodox.

Is it Inofficial or unofficial?

In´of`fi´cial Not official; not having official sanction or authority; unofficial; not according to the forms or ceremony of official business; as, inofficial intelligence.

What is a co manager in investment banking?

Investment Banks Co-managers perform a subordinate role—they provide additional distribution of the shares being sold. … Bookrunners are referred to as such because they will manage the order book for the company’s securities once the IPO is placed into the market.

Who is a co manager?

(kəʊˈmænɪdʒə) a person who manages something jointly with one or more other people. The management appointed the Australian Craig Young as team co-manager with Don Furner. Collins English Dictionary.

Is Discontent a good thing?

Being discontent isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s usually the first sign that you’re “on to something” big. We’ve never met, coached, or even heard of anyone who went on to success, fulfillment, passion, and purpose who wasn’t first really discontent with the way their life was going.

What does apocryphal mean?

1 : of doubtful authenticity : spurious an apocryphal story about George Washington.

What does unofficially mean?

not authorized or acknowledged: not authorized or acknowledged by a government, group, class, or society : not official unofficial results an unofficial policy. Other Words from unofficial More Example Sentences Learn More about unofficial.

How do you spell Unof?

Make it yours today!…UNOF.AcronymDefinitionUNOFUnion Nationale des Omnipraticiens Français

What does not Official mean?

: not official : not relating to, proceeding from, or approved by officials : unofficial nonofficial reports nonofficial members.

Is Usable a word?

Usable can also be spelled useable, with an e in the middle: both are correct. The US version simply lists useable as an acceptable variant of usable, and omits the side note. Etymonline shows usable as being derived from the Old French usable. It further notes that the word was “not common before c.

What is the opposite of usable?

Antonyms for usable unprofitable, unserviceable, unusable, useless, worthless, inappropriate, unadaptable.

What is unauthenticated?

Definition of ‘unauthenticated’ 1. not given authority or legal validity. an unauthenticated statement. 2. not established as genuine or valid.

What does disconcerting mean?

1 : to throw into confusion disconcerting their plans. 2 : to disturb the composure of were disconcerted by his tone of voice.

What’s the meaning of disenchanted?

no longer happy, pleased, or satisfied: no longer happy, pleased, or satisfied : disappointed, dissatisfied disenchanted voters/workers/fans But midway through his architectural training at the Rhode Island School of Design, he grew disenchanted with the pretentious edifice of postmodern design.—

What is the definition of questionable?

1 obsolete : inviting inquiry. 2 obsolete : liable to judicial inquiry or action. 3 : affording reason for being doubted, questioned, or challenged : not certain or exact : problematic milk of questionable purity a questionable decision.

What means discontent?

: lack of satisfaction with one’s possessions, status, or situation : lack of contentment: a : a sense of grievance : dissatisfaction the winter of our discontent— William Shakespeare. b : restless aspiration (see aspiration sense 1a) for improvement.

What does morally questionable mean?

1 (esp. of a person’s morality or honesty) admitting of some doubt; dubious. 2 of disputable value or authority. a questionable text.

What is the meaning of questionable idea?

If you say that something is questionable, you mean that it is not completely honest, reasonable, or acceptable. [formal]

How much does a Walmart co manager make?

Average Walmart Co-manager yearly pay in the United States is approximately $63,622, which is 41% above the national average.

What do co managers do?

A co-manager is basically the right-hand man to a manager. Daily, they are involved in overseeing work operations, tracking performance targets, preparing annual reports, and attending to customer inquiries.