Question: What Is Pitch Slang For?

What’s an example of pitch?

Pitch means to throw something.

An example of pitch is a baseball being tossed at a bat.

Pitch is defined as to set something up.

An example of pitch is putting up a tent..

What is pitch up in aircraft?

In aerodynamics, pitch-up is an uncommanded nose-upwards rotation of an aircraft. It is an undesirable characteristic that has been observed mostly in experimental swept-wing aircraft at high subsonic Mach numbers or high angle of attack.

What is pitch in talking?

Pitch, in speech, the relative highness or lowness of a tone as perceived by the ear, which depends on the number of vibrations per second produced by the vocal cords. … Pitch is the main acoustic correlate of tone and intonation (qq. v.).

What is pitch in waves?

The sensation of a frequency is commonly referred to as the pitch of a sound. A high pitch sound corresponds to a high frequency sound wave and a low pitch sound corresponds to a low frequency sound wave. … That is, two sound waves sound good when played together if one sound has twice the frequency of the other.

What does the phrase pitch in mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to begin to work. 2 : to contribute to a common endeavor.

What does tuning mean in text?

When someone’s tuning you, they’re keeping things at a level of plausible deniability. If nothing comes to pass, they haven’t put themselves too far out there. If flirting comes before a date, tuning comes before them inviting you round at 11.30pm.

What are the 4 levels of pitch?

In the work of Trager and Smith there are four contrastive levels of pitch: low (1), middle (2), high (3), and very high (4).

What does it mean to pitch?

1 : to erect and fix firmly in place pitch a tent. 2 : to throw usually with a particular objective or toward a particular point pitch hay onto a wagon : such as. a : to throw (a baseball) to a batter.

What does pitch up mean?

British, informal. : to appear or arrive at a place Several hundred fans pitched up at the hotel to welcome the team.

What does pitch an idea mean?

The standard meaning of pitch is to toss something lightly, like a ball. In this meaning, when you pitch an idea, it is like tossing it. Usually, when you have an idea you have to pitch it to someone and hope that they like the idea. … It means to offer ideas for consideration.

What does pitch mean in pitch black?

What’s the origin of the phrase ‘Pitch dark’? as dark (or black) as pitch (that is, tar). Pitch is the sticky, resinous, black or dark brown substance that is obtained as a residue from the distillation of wood tar or turpentine. It used to be commonly used as a waterproofing material on sailing ships.

What is the other name for pitch?

Some common synonyms of pitch are cast, fling, hurl, sling, throw, and toss. While all these words mean “to cause to move swiftly through space by a propulsive movement or a propelling force,” pitch suggests throwing carefully at a target.

Is it chip in or pitch in?

So are they interchangeable and both common in terms of financial contribution? For me, “chip in” specifically means to contribute money, while “pitch in” more generally means to help out or contribute, including, but not limited to, contributing money.

What does pitch tent mean?

(idiomatic, slang) To have an erection that shows through the trousers.