Question: Can I Book Two Tickets For Same Person?

Can I book a ticket for someone else in Irctc?

Yes you can.

I have booked tickets for my friends, relatives and acquaintances many times using my IRCTC account.

You just need to fill out correctly the name, age, gender and whatever ID proof is asked.

It does not matter whose IRCTC account is used to book the ticket..

Can I buy 2 seats on a plane for myself?

Many airlines now let you snare extra room by purchasing a second seat. … Many airlines require obese fliers to buy two seats under their “passenger of size” policies. Some also will sell an extra ticket to disabled passengers or those traveling with large musical instruments.

Can I book 10 tickets in Irctc?

For General Quota reservation, you can book 6 passengers on a ticket. For Tatkal reservation, only 4 passengers per ticket are allowed. IRCTC users can book only 6 tickets per ID in a month. Users who have completed the Aadhaar verification of their accounts can book 12 tickets per ID in a month.

Is it cheaper to book multi City flights?

With a little work, you can often add more cities to your trip for the same cost or for not much more than you were going to pay anyway. Depending on where you’re flying, it can be cheaper to book a multi-city ticket than separate one-way tickets.

Can we book two tickets with same name?

Yes, you can book 2 tickets with the same details for the same train. But, the PNR numbers should be different, ie seperate bookings have to be made. This can be done in both IRCTC reservation and Booking counter reservation.

How many tickets can be booked from one Irctc account?

Here are some exciting changes Indian Railways has introduced for rail passengers who link their IRCTC account with Aadhaar: Now users are allowed to book up to 12 tickets in a month if users get themselves verified through their Aadhaar number along with at least one passenger also being verified through Aadhaar.

Can I board train after 2 stations?

In case you miss the train from your designated boarding station, the TTE cannot allocate your berth to anyone else until the train passes the next two stops or during the next one hour (whichever is earliest). The rule thus allows you to board the train from the next upcoming station, if that is feasible.

How many tickets can I book with one ID?

Twelve ticketsTwelve tickets can be booked from one user ID if the user ID is Aadhaar-verified and one of the passengers is Aadhaar-verified. A single user can have only one login session active at one point of time. The quick book functionality or single-page for booking tickets is not allowed between 08:00-12:00 hours.

Can I book more than 6 tickets in Irctc?

To book more than 6 tickets (up to 12 tickets in a month), select at least one (1) Aadhaar verified passenger from the ‘Master List’ and add to the passenger list while booking tickets.

Is it cheaper to book 2 one way flights?

Why it’s sometimes better to book two one-way airplane tickets instead of one round-trip flight. Booking a round-trip ticket is usually the default choice for travelers planning a vacation. But buying two one-way trips instead could actually save you money — if you’re willing to put in the extra effort, that is.

Is it cheaper to buy flights separately?

Key Takeaways. If you purchase multiple tickets in a single transaction, the price will be the same for each of the tickets. If not enough of the lowest-cost seats are available, you’ll pay a higher cost for all of the seats. Buy the tickets one at a time to make sure you get all of the lowest-cost seats available.

Can you buy two separate flights?

A spokesperson said: ‘When a passenger books separate connecting flights with two different airlines they can only claim compensation for the delay to the first leg. … ‘If the passenger had booked a single through ticket, the airline would be responsible for organising an alternative flight for the second leg.